5 Ways Office Furniture Boosts Morale and Productivity

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What is your biggest asset in your business? Is it time? Data? Capital? Office space? Although all of these are acceptable answers, the truly honest response is one more obvious and straightforward: any company's best asset is the people making up the business.

Your employees are the backbone of your business; without them, your company simply doesn't exist. And yet, the sad fact is that many people force themselves out of bed and through the doors of their office every morning. Some of the Monday doldrums can't be avoided, but there are ways you can boost employee morale. Investing in your employees is not only the right thing to do; it also significantly improves your business.

5 Ways Good Office Furniture Affects Morale

Well-designed office furniture is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost employee morale. With eye-pleasing designs and ergonomic comfort, good office furniture makes your workplace more like home. To foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity in the office, you need to design the right space.

1. Improves employee motivation

Estimates suggest that ergonomic office furniture can improve overall performance by up to 10-15%. Imagine the dividends this kind of boost will pay over the years. In addition, the quality of your office furniture can be a strong predictor of your ability to attract and keep talent. Comfortable work stations can increase job satisfaction by as much as 24%.

2. Reduces time drain during the workday

How often are your employees getting up to stretch and rub their aching backs? How far does the average employee have to travel across the office to file a single paper? Make sure that every workstation is comfortable and efficient.

3. Enhances employee health

An astonishing 86% of office workers report feeling uncomfortable in their office chairs. Good furniture reduces carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injury, and overall aches, pains, and sick days.

4. Lowers overall costs

Employee sick days cost your company money and lost productivity. Beyond that, injuries are costly to you and your employees. The average compensation for repetitive strain injuries is over $8,000.

5. Stimulates creativity and collaboration

Aesthetically pleasing work spaces that invite employees to work together spark innovation and inspire teamwork.

Workplace Environment Matters

Studies have proven time and again that the environment we work in has a significant impact on our mood, health, and productivity. In fact, studies suggest that a workplace's physical environment is the number one factor that impacts productivity. So why is the workplace environment often ignored?

Call it cost-cutting, call it going with the flow, or call it tradition, most companies simply don't have a plan for designing their office space. But with the proven benefits of a well-designed office, how can you afford not to make your space inviting?

How to Boost Productivity and Employee Morale

The good news is it's fairly simple to transform your office into an inviting, productive atmosphere. Here are our top tips.

  1. Bring in some green. Studies have shown that plants in the office boost moods and improve employee health and air quality.
  2. Invest in lighting. Is your eye starting to twitch from the harsh, flickering overhead fluorescent lighting in your office? Natural light bulbs and windows make a big difference.
  3. Get the right furniture. Ergonomic chairs, matching desks, and other high-quality furniture can make all the difference.
  4. Color coordinate. Are your office walls a lovely shade of Medical Clinic White? Maybe it's time to repaint a warm shade of brown or a soothing gray. It's an affordable change with a big impact.

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