5 Time Saving Benefits of Document Management

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document management

Document management systems is a digital way of storing your files. Instead of relying on a paper-based system, storing data in the cloud secures it while making it available for collaborative edits. Here are five time-saving benefits of document management.

1. Implement Workflows

Paper workflows have the potential to overly complicated simple processes. Working with paper usually involves printing a document, marking edits, returning the document, then printing again. With document management all files are stored digitally where users can simultaneously make edits and collaborate in real time.

2. Integrate Current Systems

Transitioning from a paper-based filing system to digital document management will not happen overnight. The good news is that you will be able to integrate the operations you currently use and not disrupt the flow of productivity. Employees will embrace document management if they are not thrown into an entirely unfamiliar situation.

3. End Pointless Searches

If you’ve ever had to spend an excruciating amount of time looking for a paper document you’re more likely to understand the benefit of document management. Scan documents and archive them with a document management system to eradicate this painful paper search process.

4. Plan for Disaster Recovery

An additional benefit of document management is the ability to recover from a disaster quickly. If your building is entirely damaged or rendered inaccessible, having your data on a digital server means you can access it from any location. This will put you on the path to restoring business and minimise profit damage.

5. Secure Data

Dealing with security breaches takes time out of business-critical tasks. Document management gives your files an extra layer of protection by providing complete visibility of user access. If someone edits or even views a document the system will make a record of it. Supervisors can also create authentication codes for files that should not have general access.

Document management can save time and increase productivity in your office. Call us today to learn more.

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