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5 Productivity Issues Document Management Can Solve Today

Document Management

Any office in any industry can increase productivity with a Document Management program, but often the perceived obstacles are not balanced by the potential benefits. This perspective is shared by many business owners and could leave your team sinking in a bog of an unnecessary process that is robbing productivity and cash flow from your business. Here are five real and immediate benefits you WILL see with Document Management.

1. Unlock a higher level of collaboration for your team

Document Management systems can host a file for the entire team to work on simultaneously. Most systems can come with revision history and other functions which track changes enabled to streamline the work process and avoid unnecessary flack in the workflow.

2. Maximise security with a Document Management system

Anymore no matter how simple your business’ IT setup is you are still at risk from hackers or other digital gremlins. Most business owners will employ firewalls or antivirus to help fight the threat, but often that isn’t enough. A Document Management system can restrict access to all of your business files to users with passwords; it restricts your files to only having one access point - which makes it easier to guard - and it will enable you to take control of your files when they aren’t available to everyone.

3. Make Backup and Recovery automatic

If your office is still using paper for your files, or even digital files stored on your local system, you are one flood or fire away from disaster. Aside from the obvious chaos that these disasters can place on your business imagine having to replace furniture, structural damage, or secure a temporary location all while rebuilding your business’ information infrastructure from scratch. Now, as a savvy business owner you likely have some backup schedule or plan in place. Maybe one where you manually run a backup to the cloud or possibly plug in an external hard drive and backup your files that way. A Document Management program will operate in a similar fashion only it will be automatic, scheduled, and will not need your input at all. That frees up your time to maximising revenue. Also, since your files stored on multiple servers in different areas, your files will always be secure from disasters.

4.Cost Savings are immediate

Often business owners fear IT investments. They see ever increasing sales totals with add-ons occurring consistently and with no apparent end. However, most business owners fear these investments because they don’t understand the programs they are purchasing, or how they will save their organisation money when the costs seem so high. My favorite business adage is, “The most dangerous phrase in business is that we’ve always done it this way.” Sure it will be a transition, and the cost savings may not be immediately apparent, but it will quickly become apparent when you don’t have to go out to purchase case after case of paper. Less payroll wasted making copies, or hunting down that one piece of that proposal that you swear was just here! A couple of clicks and your documents are accessible from anywhere, immediately.

5. Ease of Use and functionality

We all use our documents differently. We may save them with a certain title, and in a certain place. This issue can happen for every employee in your business. Do you have the time to work through the conventions of everyone in your office? I didn’t think so. Imagine it is the day you are pitching a proposal to a new client, and your key account manager was in an accident and won’t make it into work. You frantically search their computer for the proposal, but without knowing your employee’s naming conventions and file locations you might as well be a safe cracker without a combination. Document Management paired with a company established standard and style guide can easily solve this problem. Your account manager won’t make it? No problem here is the proposal right here named and saved according to company policy.

No matter what your reasons for Document Management are, or your skepticisms about the service it can and will benefit your business in these and certainly more ways that you would never have expected. Have some more questions? Take a look at our other explainers here, or get in touch so we can explain more.

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