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5 Must-Read Benefits About Multifunction Printers


A multifunction printer combines a printer, scanner, copier, and sometimes fax. While these machines require more of an upfront investment than a traditional printer, there are some benefits you don’t want to miss. Here are five reasons you should consider a multifunction printer.

1. Work In a Small Space

Multifunction printers are great for anyone in a small office space or for a company that wants to condense their work area. With newly acquired space you can bring in other needed equipment or a desk for a new employee.

2. Combined Functions

Creating documents and projects on a multifunction printer is much more efficient. If you want to scan a document, you can edit it on the machine and then print multiple copies. Having various devices in one place can increase the speed at which projects are completed.

3. Time-Savings

Some days it can seem like one machine after the other is having issues. When that happens, a whole day can be devoted to IT problems. When a multifunction printer is updated or fixed, you don’t have to worry about another machine failing. Now that you addressed the issue, you can move on with your day.

4. Sustainability

A multifunction printer streamlines your ink and paper supply ordering. Ordering for one machine cuts back on having an excess of consumable. If you’re diligent and are on an organized supply ordering schedule, you will only use what you need.

5. Profitability

Multifunction printers are known to reduce costs over multiple machines for separate functions. As stated previously you will streamline your supply ordering process. You will also reduce your electric bill as one machine will take up less energy. You can even count on when you lower service costs.

It’s easy to see why a multifunction printer would be beneficial for your office. To learn more about including this equipment in your fleet, contact us today.

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