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5 Easy Ways to Save Time with Document Storage

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Document storage is a system that scans paper documents and archives them for retrieval through an organized digital database. While it has many benefits such as team collaboration and cutting costs, one of the most appreciated positives is saving time. Here are five ways document storage will help you save time.

1. Simplify Workflows

In a paper-based office, there are multiple stopping points before a document gets to its destination. If a draft needs editing, it has to be reprinted with edits and passed between two people. Document storage simplifies this process by storing files in the cloud. In the cloud, two people can look at a document simultaneously allowing productivity to soar.

2. Integrate with Current Systems

Whatever software your company currently uses can be integrated with your document storage system. Plan to include examples during your staff training. Employees will be more likely to be accepting of document storage if they don’t feel their efficiency will be reduced.

3. Eliminate the Endless Search

The most straightforward way that document storage saves your company time is by ending the constant search for documents. Paper files can be picked up and left anywhere. With document storage, an electronic archive system makes searches a simple click away.

4. Superior Recovery Time

Natural disasters or a building fire not only require an immense amount of time for clean up, but they also leave companies scrambling to recover files. If you use document storage system, it stores your data offsite allowing you to return to business as soon as possible.

5. Security

With document storage, you will spend less time worrying about protecting your data. Files can be limited with account authorization as well as time stamps of when and who viewed a document.

Often we are unaware of how much time we spend doing not business-critical tasks. Once you implement document storage, you will notice an increase in productivity and efficiency. To learn more about the benefits of document storage, call us today!

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