5 Benefits of an Interactive Flat Panel for Educators

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A teacher using an interactive flat panel in the classroom.

Having an interactive flat panel display (IFDP) isn't just a fad. This invention has revolutionized teaching. Overall, they provide better classroom management, ease of access, lesson planning, and student engagement. This leads to improved teacher and student performance. To fully understand the role that this device plays in the classroom, here are 5 benefits of an interactive flat panel for educators.

Easy to Use

First of all, an IFDP is easy to use. Using one is simple. Plug it in and use it. Moreover, they make upgrading software easy, too.

Additionally, teachers and students can learn to use one quickly. The navigation features make use simple. Finally, cloud-based software allows teachers to access lesson plans and activities easily.

Ultimately, this means little maintenance, which will save time and money for the IT department.

Makes Learning Accessible to All Students

Along with being easy to use, interactive flat panels make learning accessible to all students. Students learn in different ways. To accommodate this, the teacher needs to take individual student needs into consideration.

For example, some students may need note-taking assistance. With an IFDP, the teacher can easily produce pdfs or video recordings of what's happening on the screen. Then, the teacher can send these to the student's device. Therefore, the student can access the information any time they need it.

Engages Students

Today's students are technology-driven. Including technology makes learning about the student. Moreover, studies show that students learn more with an interactive lesson.

A flat panel provides this interaction. Whether it be through using a game or having students use digital manipulatives through the touch screen, an interactive flat panel increases student engagement.

Ultimately, a fully engaged student means a learning student. When students learn, they succeed.

Improves Classroom Management

With a panel, the teacher can spend less time on classroom management, which means more time for student learning. You can monitor time, noise levels, and student behavior.

For instance, a teacher can pull up a timer and set it for a specific activity. Also, a teacher can have students check themselves into the class by touching their names on the screen as they walk in.

With an IFDP, you can integrate online classroom management apps. Thus, students can monitor their own behavior.

Stronger Lesson Planning

With a panel, teachers will be able to create fully developed lesson plans. When they need an activity for a specific plan, they can search for the right activity. The teacher community loves to share resources, and this applies to these devices, as well.

Along with resource sharing, teachers believe in collaboration. With a panel, teachers collaborate with others in the field through virtual classrooms. More importantly, students can collaborate with students from other schools.

With interactive flat panels, teachers won't have to print out tons of paper. This includes quizzes. Teachers can integrate questions into the lesson through the panel.

Overall, IFDPs help the teacher plan and present better lessons.

Having an Interactive Flat Panel Enhances the Learning Experience

As you can see, an IFDP makes learning more engaging, productive, and effective. In the long run, they save time and money.

Most importantly, they improve student success, which is the goal of education.

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