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4 Ways to Enhance Office Furniture Arrangement

office furniture arrangement

Arranging your office furniture can result in a calming and productive environment if done correctly. Whether you want to rearrange what you have or add new office furniture to the mix, placing items in certain spots will elevate your space.

1. Start with the Entryway

When clients walk into an office the more spacious it feels, the better. To achieve a bigger space, even if you’re working with something small, leave the entryway free of large objects. Bookshelves and other large pieces of office furniture should not be placed in the entryway as it clogs the environment, making it seem smaller than it is. A few indoor plants and lighting will be sufficient for this area.

2. It’s All About Visuals

Balance out your room visually. Don’t dominate one area with office furniture and decorations only to leave the opposite end empty. Statement pieces can counteract large office furniture like desks and create a well-rounded environment.

3. Consider Your Wall Space

Instead of pushing everything against the wall, give it some space. Place your desk in the center to create an open flow that creates a more significant visual experience. If your area is too small to place office furniture in the middle, try putting guests chairs in the open, so not everything is against the wall.

4. Traffic Flow

Office floor plans need to take traffic flow into consideration for a few reason. First off, it can be a fire hazard. If people are unable to leave an area quickly and efficiently, they are put at risk. Secondly, it can be irritating to bump into office furniture and can disrupt someone who is in the middle of a workflow. The best measurement is to leave a three foot walkway for people to travel through.

These tips are easy ways to enhance your space. Office furniture rearranged can make a world of difference. For more information on restricting your space with office furniture, call us today!

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