4 Ways Document Management Can Improve Workflow

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document management

Document management is a system that stores and archives your files in digital cloud software. A digitised office increases productivity in numerous ways while saving money on printing costs. Here’s how document management can improve your workflow.

1. Cloud Storage + Security

As more businesses begin to digitise their offices, it is becoming increasingly important to follow suit. Being able to share documents through a cloud server is quick, efficient, and secure. It also reduces costs as the need to print decreases.

Workflow productivity can benefit from this enhanced collaboration. Storing documents in the cloud means coworkers can access them simultaneously and make edits. You don’t need to worry about unapproved changes because the document records who accesses the file and what changes they make. You can also passcode protect data if you want it to be readable instead of editable.

2. Minimised Workflow Steps

Take a document from paper to copy to storage can include a lot of steps. Document management aims to reduce the need for unnecessary steps. A document management system encompasses everything. Upload the file, and from there, you can print, store, and share in an email.

3. Integrated Systems

Uploading, downloading, and switching between programs is unnecessary and a waste of time. Improve your workflow by integrating your systems so that your steps only require one software. Your employees will benefit from a customised document management workflow.

4. Information Retrieval from Any Source

Document management improves workflows with the ability to capture from any source. Scanned documents are the most commonly captured and help to reduce paper in the office. Records can also be obtained from email for secure storage of files shared from a client or community partner. System generated reports can be captured and stored in the cloud making them available to managers and team members.

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