#4 Paper Problems and How to Solve Them

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giant stack of papers in the office

In today’s world, we are still very much paper dependent. While we need to rely on physical documents from time to time, we can begin to transition to a digital workplace. Document management systems will scan files, index them, and store them on cloud software. Here are four paper problems you can fix with document management.

1. Piled Up Paperwork and Lost Files

Relying on physical paper documents has a few drawbacks. When you are working on a project, you need to pull out all the files associated with that proposal. As paper piles up around you, it’s no surprise that some documents may go missing. Paper is easily shuffled from one place to another and can be accidentally moved. Document management solves this problem by storing files digitally and allowing you to access them through cloud software. Once done with a record, just close it out and then reopen when needed.

2. Lack of Office Space

Paper files take up room everywhere. They are on desks, they are in common spaces, and the filing cabinets are full of them. It can be challenging to squeeze in a new employee when you need additional human resources if there is nowhere to fit their desk. Utilising document management you will be able to transition these documents to a digital software that indexes and organises your files opening up valuable floor space.

3. Concern About Data Security

It’s impossible to know who accessed a paper file. It can not tell you who looked at it and when, but a document management system can. Data security is increased by document management because records are tracked leaving employees accountable. You can also restrict documents only to be accessed by authorised users.

4. Time Wasted Searching

How many times have you spent too long looking for a file? With document management, it indexes files, and you can search quickly. Even if someone else is viewing the same file document management allows you to collaborate and see it simultaneously.

Paper files will continue to be present in business, but we can tackle the issues presented with digital software. If you would like to solve paper problems with document management, call us today.

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