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4 Multi-Function Printer Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of

When you have a rhythm going, it can be hard to switch things up. Not only does this apply to life in general, but it applies to life at the office. We all have a routine and a way we like to do things so why bother changing? Take a small leap of faith and consider incorporating the following multi-function printer features into your routine. You may just wonder why you never started earlier!

Features You Should Use

1. Duplex Printing - Are you tired of organising multiple pages together? Minimise the number of documents in your possession by using duplex printing. The added benefit of reducing the amount of paper you use is improving your impact on the environment.

2. Finishing Options - Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to staple 20 packets together by hand? With finishing options installed on a multi-function printer, you can allocate time spent on stapling and hole punching to more important projects. Finishing options are installed on your machine and can take documents from paper and ink to booklets and pamphlets with no added work on your part.

3. Printing from Mobile - Tired of walking back to your computer every time you forget to print something? You don’t always have to access your printing jobs from your office computer. If you have a mobile device or tablet with wi-fi, you can connect to an enabled printer. This is particularly useful if your office utilises a document management system with access to documents over the cloud.

4. Secure Print - Are you worried about printing sensitive documents that could be intercepted by the wrong person? Fix this easily with secure print. Add password protection to your multi-function printer to ensure that you are the only one who will pick up your printed documents. With password protection, release your print job when you are on the machine and enter your code.

Nothing ever improves if we operate business as it has always been done. Use change as a tool to improve creativity and enhance production. Try using these features on your multi-function printer and see what happens. Best Office Systems can help you with any office production needs, give us a call today!

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