4 Mobile Printing Benefits

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someone mobile printing

Today, multifunction printers are capable of creating multi-page projects and securing data. Did you also know that they can connect to cellphones allowing users to print from their personal device? Here are four mobile printing benefits.

1. Increased Productivity

Providing employees with up to date software is an easy way to increase productivity. Mobile printing allows users to print without uploading or emailing to a desktop computer. Cutting out extra steps and making tasks easier to complete will always result in projects getting finished faster. Encourage and educate employees on mobile printing so they can start taking advantage.

2. Happier Customers

An office that has a high influx of customers can benefit significantly from mobile printing. Whether the client or your business needs to access specific documents and then provide a paper copy, mobile printing makes this process stress free. Just tell the customer which multifunction printer to connect to, and they can print out personal documents or contracts that need to be signed.

3. Cut Costs

If you are working in an open space office or your employees work remote, mobile printing can help save money. Instead of everyone need a personal printer they can use mobile printing to a central multifunction printer. Companies can assess their need for extra resources and cut costs when possible.

4. Enhance Flexibility

The ability to print at any time can relieve a load of stress. As long as the document is available on your phone, you can connect to a multifunction printer. This can also help reduce the waste of paper as there is no need to print documents ‘just in case’.

Mobile printing will help projects finish faster, leave you with better customer service, cut costs, and create a more flexible work environment. If you want to enhance this feature of your multifunction printer call us today!

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