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3 Ways to Protect Your Data with Document Storage

While paper will always have a role in business, it is no longer the fastest and most secure way to process data. To remain efficient and competitive in today’s market you need to implement a document storage plan. Document storage is the process of digitising and archiving data with cloud-based software. Going digital is a process that can be done incrementally while always making security a top priority.

Securing Personal Information

Change can be scary, and the transfer of printing paper documents to digitising files is a significant change. People may be worried about the safety of the data they are storing on a cloud system and the amount of access to this sensitive information. The following three practices will ensure that your digitally stored information is safe.

1.Role Based Security Limit the ability to see certain documents by implementing role based security. This security measure will only allow specific users to access various data.

2.Secure File Sharing When documents are digital, users can share information without worrying that a paper may end up in the wrong hands. With no physical file, there is more control over when and where the file can be seen.

3.Data Encryption Encryption is the process of changing data into code to prevent unwanted access. When you store files on the cloud, your information is encrypted until approved users re-open the document.

More Than Just Productivity and Organisation

Many of the benefits of document storage focus on increased collaboration and improved workflow. In addition to these, the increased security of documents should be mentioned. Storing files in physical cabinets is no longer efficient or secure. Document storage will keep your data safe and organised. To learn more about these services, give us a call today!

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