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3 Ways Document Storage Will Help Your Office Go Green

Document storage is the process of scanning documents for indexing and quick retrieval. While it is intended to create a more organised office, the by-product of this system is a greener office, or an office that conserves energy and resources. Here are three ways you will find yourself printing less.


Encourage your office to collaborate digitally using cloud software. Often people are printing documents each time a small change is made. If you teach employees how to edit and share without printing, they will save time and resources. Not only does collaboration help in reaching the goal for a greener office, but it will also increase productivity as well.

2. Storage, Retrieval, and Distribution

Document storage presents many opportunities to reduce paper consumption. Instead of printing a hard copy to store in a file cabinet, you can show people how to store and retrieve documents digitally. This will prove to be a more organised way of knowing where documents are stored, for how long they should be kept, and how to migrate files from one media to another.

3. Accountability

When you implement document storage you can help people become accountable for their printing practices. Setting a goal for reducing resource consumption can help employees work towards a greener environment. Once they are thinking about what they are printing they may come to see it as unnecessary. Many tasks can be done with a digital process.

The benefits of document storage are innumerable. Conserving energy and cutting costs through the reduction of supply consumption is just one of the outcomes.

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