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3 Successful Outcomes of Document Management

How do you know document management is having impactful results within your business if you don’t envision what the success will look like? Aside from improving productivity, there are many reasons to use document management. If you haven’t decided that document management is right for your business yet, examine these outcomes:

Improved Environmental Impact

The longer you employ document management, the more you will notice how little paper and toner supplies you are throwing away. When you move to a cloud-based storage and sharing of records the less waste you will produce. Not only will this save your business money, but you are reducing your impact on the environment.

Increase in Storage Space

The purpose of document management is to move away from physical materials. Once you begin to take advantage of storing documents in the cloud and only printing when necessary you will find yourself with an increase in storage space. Your employees will appreciate the ease with which they can search and retrieve digital documents quickly as opposed to searching through file cabinets.

Implementation of Printing Policies

You will know document management is working for your business when your employees begin to ask themselves, “Is there a good reason to print this?”. You can get to this point by implementing printing policies that set standards for when and how to print. By encouraging your employees to archive digitally and share information through the cloud, they will reduce their dependence on physical documents.

Good Paper Vs. Bad Paper

A team that recognises the signs of bad paper is the best outcome. You want your employees to see document management as the central storage and sharing system for their documents. Paper that can be shared digitally or only exists to be ‘kept as a record’ should not be printed.

If you are looking to implement document management, contact us today!

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