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3 Key Implementations with Your Document Management Solution

document management

Since document management is becoming more and more prevalent in today's business terminology; there is an important conversation happening far too rarely about how to use the shiny new piece of IT. Document management allows your organisation to eliminate those costly file cabinets, and drastically reduce the time spent hunting for those files, but only if its implementation is guided by these policies.

1. Naming Conventions

This project will involve your entire company, and help build buy-in for the new document system. Work with your departments to come up with a system of naming conventions so that all records will be readily found, and users can quickly identify the material. Every component of your business may use different naming methods, and there may even be differentiation within those teams, but a document management system will operate as a file cabinet for everyone, so consistency is crucial.

2. Indexing

Indexing is one of the most critical steps to take with a new document management system. By thoroughly and accurately indexing your files you can easily perform searches across your document system which will greatly speed up requisitions in companies that are generating thousands of pages a month. Often this process begins with the initial implementation and will cross multiple departments so use the opportunity to enhance efficiencies between your departments as you work together toward this goal.

Security and User Authentication

With a document management system, there is no more file cabinet to lock that protects your business' sensitive information. Instead, you will have to ensure you have the proper network security protocols in place and user authentication policies that restrict access to the most sensitive documents to the users who are cleared for the information.

Bottom Line

Your document management solution will help your organisation from an organisational and productivity standpoint, but will also create opportunities that you may not have considered before. Take the opportunity to work on your system and create the right process for your company.

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