3 Innovative Ideas For a Welcoming Office Space

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4 individuals seen from the torso down sitting in waiting room

Sitting in a waiting room is not high up on anyone's list of favourite things, but it is something we all do at one point or another. A waiting room or reception area doesn’t need to be boring and is welcome to creativity. To make your reception area as appealing as possible, you should take a couple of factors into consideration.

1. Provide Multiple Seating Options

To accommodate various groups of people, place seating of different sizes in your waiting room. Different kinds of office furniture can include chairs with and without arm rests and chairs with wider seats.

2. Include Greenery

The easiest way to create a welcoming space is with house plants. You don’t need an overwhelming amount, just enough to add a fresh element. Plants will humanise the environment while providing health benefits. Also, they add to the appearance and condition of the property. Start with low maintenance plants and work your way up from there.

3. Opt For a Welcoming Feel

Your office furniture should be comfortable so that guests feel at ease. Shop for ergonomic office furniture that promotes productivity and protects the physical health of employees and clients. You can arrange the chairs to give off an open feel or turn some into each other for a more private area. When arranging the office furniture consider how you want the flow of traffic to move throughout the room.

There are lots of ways to rearrange office furniture. When you consider that it conveys the philosophy of your company and represents a message you can enjoy setting up your reception area in a way that welcomes guests.

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