The Best Print Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

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Healthcare facilities need a strong printing solution to keep up with the high volume of patients, each with their own demands that must be met quickly and efficiently. And much of a hospital’s annual budget goes toward printing and document handling. Managed print solutions were designed to help increase the security of documents, improve the efficiency of operations, and greatly reduce the costs of printing.

Here’s How Managed Print Can Reduce Business Expenses

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Office budgets can skyrocket if you don’t keep a close eye on where this spending is going and how to get it back under control. That’s why companies are always looking for ways to cut costs by reducing unnecessary spending and maximising office efficiency. And one of the best ways to reduce business expenses is by letting a “managed print solution” handle your printing needs. 

Here’s how managed print solutions can help you save money and grow your business.

Do Small Businesses Need Managed Print?

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Printing can hold a small business back without the proper protocols in place. They may seem easy to manage on the surface, but complex printers can take some time to learn how to operate efficiently. Printers should be elevating your business, not holding it back. That’s why many businesses choose to opt for a better solution: managed print services.

So what does managed print mean? And how can it help my small business? Here’s why companies of every size can benefit from allowing an external provider to manage their systems.

Are Managed Print Services Worth The Investment?

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Printing is a crucial component for most businesses, but printing failures can also affect your business in cost, reliability, and responsibility. For companies looking for greater efficiency, it may be a better option to offload your printing needs to an external provider. Managed Print Services monitor your printing systems to keep them working in optimal performance, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected interruptions to your office flow.

Getting Started with an In-House Wide Format Printer

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Instead of paying tons of money for outsourcing wide format printing, you should obtain a high-quality, in-house wide format printer. With these types of wide-format printers, you will save time and money, allowing for a more efficient workflow in your business. 

Benefits of a Wide Format Printer

The following includes more details concerning the benefits of having an wide format printer: 

4 Things to Ask Before Implementing Document Management

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Choosing a document management system is a big responsibility, but it gets a little easier if you've done your homework. Here are the top four questions to ask about document management (and how to find the answers). 

Common Document Management Questions

Before you even think about choosing a document management system, you'll want to ask yourself a few simple questions. Of course, the work isn't in the asking--it's in the answering.

5 Benefits of an Interactive Flat Panel for Educators

A teacher using an interactive flat panel in the classroom.

Having an interactive flat panel display (IFDP) isn't just a fad. This invention has revolutionized teaching. Overall, they provide better classroom management, ease of access, lesson planning, and student engagement. This leads to improved teacher and student performance. To fully understand the role that this device plays in the classroom, here are 5 benefits of an interactive flat panel for educators.

Easy to Use

First of all, an IFDP is easy to use. Using one is simple. Plug it in and use it. Moreover, they make upgrading software easy, too.

5 Tips for Choosing a Business Grade Printer

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With your business, you want the best tools to help you succeed. The printer you choose can influence your business quality and ability to succeed long-term. The wrong printer can affect your ability to get things done in a timely manner. Without the proper printer, it can be difficult to get tasks done. In this post, we are going to give 5 tips for choosing the right printer that has all the features you need without breaking your budget!

5 Common Document Management Problems to Avoid

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In today’s digitized world, businesses of all sizes are facing challenges with breaking out of antiquated modes of operation. Document Management is an area that easily falls into this category, especially if the systems in place were established well before the Internet took hold. Here are some common document management mistakes to look out for and avoid.

Designing an Office for Any Personality Type

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The set up of an office can go one of two ways. The first is that it is a place people come and go, nothing more and nothing less. The second is that office furniture can be designed so that a space has personality and heightens the environment of a company. It’s safe to say that the second way reaps far more benefits. Here’s how you can design your office for any personality type.

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