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Interactive Flat Panels

The BenQ RP series is a modern enterprise’s one-stop display solution for picture-perfect 4K presentation, seamless communication and real-time collaboration.

With the built-in EZWrite annotation app, employees can instantly open a wide range of documents and directly mark on the screen for efficient idea sharing. Whether for brainstorming sessions or year-end financial meetings, the RP series works smoothly with BenQ’s wireless presentation solution and allows employees to stream content from laptops or smart devices within seconds.

Interactive Flat Panel range

  • Panels available in 65’’, 70’’, 75’’, 86’’
  • 4K UHD for brilliant images and incredible contrast.
  • 20-point touch technology.
  • Compatible with all leading operating systems.
  • Connect via WIFI, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA and USB.
  • Whiteboard with EZ Write software tools.
  • InstaQshare enables airplay from mobile devices.
  • Built in sound bar.
  • Anti-glare and germ resistant screen.
  • Low Blue Light technology.
  • SmartPower for energy saving.
  • 2 x touch pens and remote control

Advantages of Interactive Flat Panels

  • ‘’Set and forget’’.
  • No projector required.
  • Instant Plug and Play.
  • High resolution for easy viewing.
  • Image brightness does not fade over time.
  • No replaceable lamp units.
  • Flicker-free backlight.
  • Ambient Light Sensor.
  • No noise – runs silently
  • EZ-suite Software.